JOMall (Jodhpur Online Mall) is a new venture started by a very native, born & brought up of Jodhpur, Er. Kamlesh Parihar (B.Tech. M.B.M & M.Tech. IIT Roorkee). This venture has been started after he observed the struggle of working women all around. A working woman is not only a mother, but also a core professional proving her identity in this tight & competitive world. She has double responsibility, at home and at workplace. At home, much of her time is consumed in menial household works. As such it becomes very difficult for her to share sufficient time with friends & family. The same is equally applicable to men in most cases.

Routine household shopping is one such petty work which consumes lot of useful time. Standing in long ques of shopping malls is quite tiresome and boring. To relieve people from such menial works, JOMall has been established. It’s the first ever online mall of Jodhpur. It provides an altogether new seamless and smooth shopping experience to JODHPUROITS. JOMall provides quickest same day doorstep delivery of all household products at best ever price. Its objective is not profit making, but to serve the society at best. It is directly involved in social causes through charity and active participation. We feel proud to welcome you as a new member of JOMall family.


Our Vision

To relieve people from the menial works of routine household shopping, thereby saving their valuable time to spend with friends and family.


Our Mission

To serve the people by delivering quality products at their doorsteps in minimum time and at best price.



# Fastest Same Day Delivery at doorsteps. # Quality Products. # Best Price.




# We don't make customers, we make family where all the members are connected together. 

# 10% of the net profit will be donated for social causes.


Delivery Slot :

Monday to Saturday: 
Morning 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. 
Evening 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Morning 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. 
Evening: OFF

We spent about Rs 50 for delivery of every order. It includes payment to our delivery boy as well as fuel charges. However we don't charge all from our members. Part of the delivery charge is beared by us & part is beared by the user. However delivery charges arebe based on order value and distance which would be notified whenever applicable. Following delivery charges  are applicable.

Delivery Charges:

Order Value & Charges: 

Order Rs. 1 to 299 Delivery Charges : Rs.49 

Order Rs. 300 to 999 Delivery Charges : Rs.35

Order Rs. 1000 to 1499 Delivery Charges : Rs.25

Order Rs. 1500 to  1999 Delivery Charges : Rs.20

Order Above Rs. 2000 and get Free Home Delivery


Thats All Folks!!!